Frequently Asked Questions

What is an elective prenatal ultrasound?

We offer elective 2D, 3D and 4D HD  prenatal ultrasound with the express intent of offering expectant parents the opportunity to see their baby and to promote family bonding.  We feel that seeing the realistic surface images of your baby and actually watching their movements, while still in the womb, helps establish a strong bond between parents, extended family and friends with the unborn baby.

Please note: we do not make any claims that 3D ultrasound as used in our facility should be used to better assess the baby for abnormalities.  You should have already had your routine 2nd trimester ultrasound examination which is used to assess the gestational age of the fetus and to evaluate for any abnormalities as well as the basic fetal anatomy.

Can this type of ultrasound be used to take the place of an ultrasound at my doctor’s office?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!  Any woman seeking an elective prenatal ultrasound with Before the Stork 4D must be under the care of a doctor for her current pregnancy and needs to have previously undergone a medical, diagnostic ultrasound to confirm the due date, screen for fetal abnormalities and to look for any other pregnancy related concerns.  During your elective ultrasound at Before the Stork 4D, we will confirm the position of the baby, number of babies in the pregnancy and confirmation of the babies heart-rate.  Please note, at no time is this exam to be used in lieu of a complete diagnostic ultrasound.

Is 3D/4D ultrasound safe? Is there any risk to me or my baby?

Ultrasound has been performed and studied for more than 30 years.  Never has ultrasound been shown to cause ANY harm to mother or baby.  Today, ultrasound is routinely used in all pregnancies in the United States.  3D/4D sonograms use the EXACT same type, an intensity of ultrasonic waves that is used with traditional 2D ultrasound.

What is the difference between 3D and 4D and HD Live?

A 3D scan is a still image of a baby, a 4D scan is a moving image and a HDlive scan uses the latest in ultrasound technology to offer you an even clearer view of a little one. Visibly, 3D is a bronze color whereas 4D HD live is a pinkish color.

How long will my appointment take?

Plan on spending about 15-35 minutes with us. Depending on the package you choose, your ultrasound session will be between 10 – 25 minutes, but please arrive a little early to fill out your paperwork. By the time you leave, you will have your session on a USB and all of your pictures ready to take with you!

What do I need to do before my appointment? Do I need a full bladder?

You will only need a full bladder if under 13 weeks! We do ask the following:

Please arrive 5 – 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to fill out your paperwork so we can use your full time for your ultrasound.

If you do NOT have gestational diabetes, please drink something cold and/or sweet 5-10 minutes before your session. ( Cold orange juice works great )

How much does it cost?

Please click on here or “Our Pricing” tab at the top of the page for a list of our packages and their prices.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, please call to make your appointment.  We recommend calling about two weeks ahead of time if you need to come in on a Saturday, Sunday or if you need an evening appointment.  If you can come during the week, you can usually call a week ahead and we can find a time that fits into your schedule.

When is the best time for me to have a 3D/4D ultrasound?

If you plan on having only one 4D ultrasound, the best time to come is between 27-32 weeks.  After 32 weeks, the baby may be too big to get clear photos.

Will the pictures of my baby look like the ones I see on the website and brochure?

We usually get great pictures.  However, there are several factors that affect the clarity of the images we get.  The baby’s position, the possibility of the baby having an arm, leg or foot blocking the face, the amount of amniotic fluid and tissue density of the mother, and the gestational age can all affect the outcome of the pictures.  If we do not get any pictures on your first visit, due to the baby’s position or objects obstructing our view of the face, we will bring you back and try again.

What is your return policy?

If we are unable to get any pictures of your baby on your first visit, we will invite you to come back within one week for no additional charge.

Can I bring family and friends?

We encourage you to invite those closest to you to share in this amazing experience.  However, our office can comfortably seat at least 5 other adults!

Can you tell the sex of the baby?

Most of our packages come with a gender determination/confirmation (if desired).In most cases we are able to confirm the gender, however we can not guarantee that the baby will cooperate. The earliest we do gender confirmation is 13 weeks. If you are coming in for a Gender package and we are unable to tell you the gender ,we will invite you back again in a week for no additional charge to try again.

Can you write down the sex of the baby for my gender reveal?

Yes we can! If possible, we can determine the sex of your baby and disclose it in an envelope as well as text the person in charge of your reveal (if needed) !

I am having twins (or triplets). When should I come in for my 4D ultrasound?

The best time is between 24-26 weeks. Please book your appointment accordingly. Also, note that because we want plenty of time to try to get images on both babies, your ultrasound session will be twice as long, and you will get more pictures than someone with a singleton. Because of these factors, we add $20.00 to the price of any of our packages.

Is this covered by my insurance?

Currently, insurance does not pay for this elective procedure.  You will need to cover the cost of the appointment at the time of the service.  We accept cash, MasterCard and Visa.

What kind of ultrasound machine do you use for the 3D/4D ultrasound?

We use the state-of-the-art Samsung UGEO WS80A. This machine is the best 2D, 3D and 4D HD LIVE ultrasound machine available. The Samsung WS80A women’s health ultrasound machine is a premium unit with advanced 4D imaging capabilities. The WS80A is one of the most advanced ultrasound machines. Please note, many other ultrasound studios claim to use “state-of-the-art” equipment, when in fact they are using older and inferior technology, resulting in a lower quality 3D/4D image.