If you are planning on having one 3D ultrasound, the best time is between 26-30 weeks to see nice chubby cheeks, but before the baby has gotten too big to move around if they are not cooperating.  If you want to see your baby twice, you’d come in the first time between 20-24 weeks, then again between weeks 27-32!

Our 3D/4D ultrasound packages  are priced to fit nearly any budget and start at only $99! Full motion video on VHS or DVD, 3D images on CD, and 3D Prints are available to capture this once in a lifetime experience!

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Extensive studies have found that ultrasound has never been shown to cause harm to mother or baby. 3D/4D scanning uses the same type of ultrasound as traditional 2D imaging in medical offices.

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Why Choose Before the Stork Ultrasound

  1. OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE - Our incredible customer service is one of the main reasons that more than 30% of our new clients come from direct referral!!  We know your baby is important to you and you are both important to us!!

  2. OUR STANDARDS    More than 125 So Cal OB/GYN’s recommend Before the Stork to their patients.  Click here to learn more about our standards.

  3. RETURN POLICY - Our #1 goal is to provide all our clients with the best possible pictures of their baby. However due to many factors, it’s not always a guarantee that your baby will be cooperative on your first visit. If we are unable to obtain pictures of your baby, our commitment to you is we will bring you back at NO CHARGE within one week to try again.  Most other 4D ultrasound facilities will charge an additional fee if you’d like to come back.

  4. THE OVER-ALL EXPERIENCE – It is important to us that both of our locations offer a warm, comfortable setting.  We never limit the number of guests you can bring and our large private baby-viewing theater (with a 75” viewing screen) will make you feel relaxed and right-at-home. Click here to see pictures of our scan rooms.